Arctic is a Service Representative For Manitowoc Ice and KolPak Walk-ins   If you need service on Ice machines or Walk-Ins in the Tampa Area , call us at 813-919-1168


Tamps Florida area Ice Machine and Walk-in service

Manitowoc Ice offers ideal equipment to satisfy all your ice making needs. With output ranging from 65 to well over 2000 pounds of ice per day, Manitowoc offers high quality, name brand commercial ice machines at competitive prices. Choosing Manitowoc Ice for all your ice making needs can save you time, money and aggravation.  The question becomes, why not choose  Manitowoc it's right for your business:

Walk-in to custom

With its low cost modular construction, unsurpassed service and a tradition of excellence in design and manufacturing, Kolpak has become the leader in walk-in refrigerated warehouses.  Your product or application may be unlike anyone else's, and Kolpak understands that. Your project will be handled by an experienced Kolpak Warehouse Refrigeration Specialist. This individual is attuned to local codes and geographical conditions that may have an impact on your project.  We have access to hundreds of refrigeration specialists and service technicians nationwide. Our people have the experience to analyze your needs, then design, build, install and service a structure that delivers the rugged performance you want with a heritage of excellence from the combined resources with a tradition of excellence in highest quality construction and reliability.